Things you should know about dental Implants

Things you should know about dental Implants

Dr Saurabh Sinha– Periodontist and Implantology

A dental implant is an artificially developed structure which replaces the root of an actual tooth which is damaged beyond the possibility of treatment. The implant is fixed in the jawbone in the position of the original tooth to secure the crown (visible portion of tooth above gums) and is not distinguishable once placed. The implants are produced mostly using titanium, which is a light weight, strong and biocompatible material that is nontoxic to human body.                        

Successful method to replace damaged tooth

The dentists have achieved the ability to replace natural teeth with dental implants which now most successful method is in terms of esthetics and function to replace missing teeth. It is the best alternative to change the damaged tooth without disturbing the whole set of healthy teeth. Dental implants

Relatively painless procedure

Having a titanium screw bolted on your jawbone sounds painful; however, the procedure is like any routine dental procedure in reality and causes minimal pain. The dental implant surgery has a high rate of success and there might be a slight post-surgical discomfort or pain which can be easily contained by medications provided by your dentist. The recovery post dental implant procedure is quick and the complexity of the surgery depends on the number of implants placed.

Protects adjacent teeth

A dental implant is the replacement of damaged tooth and are supported by jaw and it does not harm the healthy teeth along the dental cavity. On its contrary other methods like tooth-supported bridge requires grinding of healthy teeth on both sides or on one side to replace the damaged one. This can cause severe damage to those healthy teeth and can cause tooth sensitivity.

Dental implants are durable

The greatest reason to choose a dental implant over other things is that you will have a permanent solution to your dental problems. Though not original set of teeth they can be considered closest cousin to natural tooth. Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene after dental implant procedure is also important to maintain the dental implant as a gum disease can trigger other health issues. Titanium being a strong material has over 50 times more longevity than other materials.

Improves physical health and emotional health

Loss of tooth or painful gums due to decayed tooth can cause difficulty in eating and leads to loss of appetite. This leads to poor physical health as the body doesn’t get its proper nutrition. Having removable dentures can lead to emotional stigma with the fear of it falling out in social settings. Using dental implants allows you the freedom to eat, play sports, and interact in social circles as you would normally, without the fear of embarrassment.


Dental implant procedure is a painless and advanced method to get those failing and missing tooth back and complete your smile. Teeth are an important organ of our body and needs proper maintenance and care. At the same time success of dental implants depends upon the Proper diagnosis, treatment Planning and choosing right kind of implant suited for your jaw. No doubt dental implants placed by an expert in the field of implantology are today the best solution to your missing teeth. Global dentals hospital, the most promising center in Gorakhpur well known for treatment by all specialists under single roof can be your go to place for dental implants and all other routine and advanced oral and dental procedures.

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