Healthy Dental Habits to start early for your Kids

Healthy Dental Habits to start early for your Kids

Oral hygiene shouldn’t be taken lightly, its maintenance from a young age will prevent various dental problems and an overall good health. Good dental hygiene is inculcated at a young age. Teaching kids to learn good habits for a healthy oral hygiene can also be fun for them. Baby teeth erupt at the age of about 6 months, a dental cavity problem can arise at that early stage too.

These are the following ways parents can help their kids maintain good oral hygiene early:

Dentist appointment

you must take your child to a dentist as soon as they turn one and take them for a regular visit to dentist every six month. Early preventive measures can save you from a lot of ailments which they may acquire in future. It save a lot of money as early diagnosis of any oral problem can be treated involving minimal expense.

Good habits

Children are quick learners, they learn things very quickly, and good habits become part of their routine if taught at an early age.

  • Brushing is a determining habit required to help protect your teeth. You can make them learn the various aspects of brushing and its importance. Also, tell them to brush twice a day once in the morning and once before bedtime.
  • Make sure your child rinse its mouth properly after every meal.
  • Children should be taught not to share their utensils and the pacifiers should be cleaned regularly.
  • Drinking a lot of water provides natural fluoride to the kids and protects them from cavities. Let your kids inculcate this habit from an early age to drink water when thirsty and not opt for any other drinks.
  • Instead of sippers, try to build a habit for drinking from a regular cup by the time they turn one.

Avoid ‘baby bottle decay’

Giving a bottle of juice, formula or milk to your infant before going for sleep should be avoided. Liquids with sugar content can cling to the teeth, feeding bacteria can cling to the tooth and cause decay. They should be given water before going to bed if they want any form of liquid before going to bed.

Ditch pacifiers

A long term use of pacifiers can affect the teeth line up. It can change the shape of the mouth if used form more than 2 -3 years of age.  You must consult a doctor if your baby is not ready to give up on them past the age of 3 years.

Firmly stand for Brushing, Flossing, and Rinsing

Make sure your kids know that brushing is very important and there is no choice to make a fuss about it. Make it clear that they have to follow the oral care routine of brushing, flossing and rinsing.

Patiently make your kids learn the process of brushing, they start brushing by the age of 2-3 years under the guidance of adults until the age of 10 when they get perfect with flossing

Kids usually get tired before bedtime as they stay very active throughout the day. So, don’t wait until late at night to make them brush their teeth. Make an early routine post dinner so that they don’t have to struggle before going to bed.


Good oral hygiene is very important to lead a healthy life. Kids must learn these things early in their life under their parent’s guidance. We at Global Dental solutions, provide you with all the support for your kid’s dental care.

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